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We are happy to announce that justice has finally prevailed returned home with his family on May 27!

Still, after such a long separation and so many consequences suffered, the rehabilitation is going to take a lot of work. You are welcome to join our Riva's son Nate Group for more details and information.

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Dear friend,

When you get home, and your child jumps onto your hands, hugs you and 
says: " I missed you!" - at this moment that you have been waiting for all day, PLEASE THINK ABOUT ONE FAMILY! 

One heartbroken Russian Jewish family from Irvine, Orange county.
One strong and loving family who is battling a war that they cannot afford, accept or understand.
One family that believes it is entitled to be with their son when he needs them...

And the government tells them "NO!"


They can not share those precious moments of love with their son Nate. Instead, they spend every day fighting to bring Nate home.
Because Nate is being kept hostage in a mental institution.

"What is the reason?", you may ask. Does Nate present any danger to the society? Is he a criminal? A pervert?
The answer will shock you. Nate only "crime" is that he has Autism. The rest of the crimes are on the government's plate. That family is fighting a very difficult battle, with a massive and an extremely corrupted system. And the power is not on their side.

What is Autuism you may ask, does it make one go crazy or hurt others? No, it is a condition that sets on early in a childs life and simply means that the person finds it difficult to build relationships and communicate. There are many variations of the condition and sometimes people may not even show it.

That family desperately needs help. They need strong lawyers. They need to know they are not alone in this world. They need people who are willing to help with their time to get the let the word out, to contact the press and the media, the community and religious organizations, target political figures, be able to find and connect their story with many families and stories like theirs, etc. And they need financial help as well.

They cannot win without your help. Any help you can offer. And before you go to bed tonight, just imagine: what if this "moment of love" with your child was STOLEN from you by your own government? Like this family which is unable to even see or talk to their beloved child, except for the few rare visits they are permitted on occasion. On those visits, which are strongly controlled and monitored, even the right to talk to their child in their mother tongue is taken from them. Why?


So before you do go to bed... just think that this family could have been yours.

No matter where we go, remember that family always comes first. If you believe that everyone deserves the chance to be with their parents, bothers and sisters, you can help by supporting people like this to feel the love that can only be felt when you are at home with those who love you for who you are. There are so many cases that see people falling prey to bureaucracy and without the proper support a lot of people are helpless. We must all get together to change this and make this world a better place.

To act, please start by joining our group of volunteers to help Riva and Ilya to bring Nate back home: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Rivassonnate/.
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